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Computer maintenance contract

National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences 2017e personal computer equipment maintenance request
Maintenance period: from March 16 ,2017 to March 17, 2018. 

Maintenance time arrangement: In Main Campus two days a week, 8 hours a day, in Downtown City campus twice a week, but half-day only(less than four hours). During summer vacation, in main campus will be one day a week, in downtown city campus will be half day only.
Maintenance items: 

First, the computer all the items: monitors, disk drives, keyboard, CD-ROM drive, mouse, network cards, capture cards, terminals, recorders, controllers, and all other troubleshooting computer equipment and replacement of damaged parts (to be the same level or above). 

Second, the maintenance period of the last four weeks of regular service, maintenance, inspection by Taiwan manufacturers would be required to test all the equipment - fully functional, clean heads, clean up dust, lubrication and adjustment work required before the final two weeks to complete all the repair equipment Return to facilitate closed. 

Maintenance manner: 

First, the computer lab equipment failure processing: the user from the school record card next to the device translated from green to red, and failure cases recorded in the card and online registration, maintenance of the supplier to send the repair at all troubleshooting, and online complete repair cases, will be translated into the green record card. 

Second, each unit of equipment failure processing: online registration by the user (or the date of this) fault conditions, maintenance of vendor personnel to prepare in advance online and read the parts. Maintenance required before nine o'clock that morning to school and staying in school to five p.m., all processed and confirmed by the school before leaving. Results from the maintenance company who repair their own online records, maintenance should be completed online, please review the ICC staff considered complete after the beginning of that day five p.m., if not complete, should be the next day (In case of extended holidays) to complete the repairs to the school (to repair the data before the date of the registration subject to the Internet, including the maintenance on the day of registration). If special conditions can not be repaired on the same day and should continue on the same day to complete the repair within one week. 

Third, the maintenance company if they failed to complete the repair within a week, the ICC staff agreed with the faulty equipment was provided free of charge or more of the same series of product (or new) for our use until repairs are completed so far, if not yet within two weeks repair must be replaced to provide new products. 

Fourth, maintenance companies do not have to provide detoxification services. However, if the application is due to poisoning or incomplete software installation or hard drive beyond repair damage, etc., need to inform users of fault conditions, and ask the user if required hard disk format, so that the computer can boot to original operating system (school for the Linux , WIN XP, etc.) to determine the normal and hard drive connected to our campus network (the network card to determine the normal) conditions, the installation should also include the application system, available immediately on-line use. 

Fifth, maintenance firms should be required to self-start and maintenance of the software tools needed, the University will not provide maintenance tools. 

Sixth, maintaining the school holidays at the event day or national holiday, maintenance companies should be on the following working day to compensate. 

Seven computers BIOS Ruoyin poisoning no boot, manufacturers should be responsible for repair. 

VIII Maintenance Department of the University City main campus completely cf, according to city to be designated by the Ministry to the City at the Ministry of maintenance. 

Qualified maintenance vendors: 

Maintenance of computer hardware manufacturers need to have the decoration or industrial application of electronic or computer software technician qualifications.
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